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Many people have been asking the question “Should I shovel the snow off my deck? “ 

There is a very important consideration to this question. You always need to have two safe exit paths out of your home. If your deck exit is a second exit door, then having a path shoveled from the door is extremely important.

Unfortunately, with the excessive snowfall in Winnipeg this year, this is one of those years that you need to break out the shovel to help protect the integrity of your deck.

To assist you with your Winnipeg winter deck maintenance, we have some tips for you to follow so you can avoid causing any unnecessary and costly damage to your deck.

  • Use only plastic shovels to remove snow from your deck. Even though you may be tempted to use a sturdy metal shovel the metal tips are sharp and can accidentally scratch the surface of your deck.
  • For light snowfalls a broom or leaf blower is a great alternative to shoveling
  • Shovel parallel to your deck boards. Shoveling perpendicular or across the boards increases the risk of damage as your shovel may catch the edge of a board.
  • Never bang, chip, or chop at ice on your deck even with a plastic shovel. This action can cause serious damage and unsightly indentations on deck boards
  • Do not use harsh or abrasive ice melting chemicals with colorant or dye on PVC, Composite Decks, or Wood Decks as they will do more harm than good. 
  • Do not use sand or salt as an alternative to melting chemicals. Sand is very abrasive and will cause scratching as you or your pets walk on it.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your deck safe from costly damage!



Accurate Building Founder

Paul Aubin, the owner of Accurate Building has spent over three decades in the construction industry. Paul possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in both residential and commercial building practices.

In 1997 Paul opened Accurate Building. Having an immense love for the outdoors, Paul and his team spend the spring and summer months building outside. The outdoor living projects include decks, fences, pergolas, privacy walls, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, and countless other outdoor projects.

In the fall and winter months the team goes to work indoors. Developing and renovating basements, as well as renovating small scale commercial properties.

Paul and the entire Accurate team have a great love and care for their craft. Whether they are building your outdoor oasis or your indoor dream space, you can trust that from start to finish they will attend to every detail to create a stunning masterpiece.

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